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For sharing all the need-to-know details with your guests—especially as things are changing on what may feel like a day-to-day basis—a wedding website and a custom app (or both) are essential. Your wedding website should, first and foremost, be a source of information for your loved ones, focusing on travel details, important dates and times, and the attire of each of your upcoming events. The site should reflect your personal style, the look and feel of the wedding, and include links to your registry should anyone want to get a head start on shopping for a gift.

When it comes to easy-to-use online resources, Riley & Grey is a go-to for not-so-basic brides. A BAZAAR Bride contributor and platform for discerning, design-forward couples, the site offers customizable wedding websites designed by cutting-edge creatives. The Riley & Grey team consider themselves experts on “non-wedding-y weddings,” looking to interior design, fashion, and the art world for aesthetic inspiration. This website pulls double duty, serving as a unique source of inspiration on Instagram and a practical resource for crafting wedding websites that are far from the status quo.

If you’re looking to create a website on a tool you know and love, Squarespace, the commonplace website creator, now has a section just for weddings. The templates are straightforward and elevated due to their minimalistic approach to displaying photography, information, and interactive elements.

Though there are countless online resources for creating a wedding website, very few offer the ability to cap off your personalized site with a custom app. Appy Couple assists in creating your own unique app that walks your guests through your wedding weekend (and any changes as they occur) seamlessly. If you’re after a more “smart” solution for organizing guest travel, hotels, attire, and activities, Appy Couple’s interactivity is sure to limit the amount of questions, emails, and calls you get from confused guests in the lead-up to your wedding weekend.

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