Romantic & Cinematic Lake Como Wedding

Yesterday, I asked my hubby “If you had all the money in the world, where would you want our vacation house?” Jack answered, “I’d do the George Clooney thing.” That meaning, long, delicious summers on the edge of Lake Como.

As part of our yearlong honeymoon last year, Jack and I made a last-minute ten-day escape to a tiny village high above Lake Como. We ate pounds of Proscuitto, drank a life’s worth of Nebbiolo, and spend afternoons sunning on a secret lakeside beach – it was exceptionally romantic. I absolutely understand now why so many couples are rushing to the villas that dot the lake’s edge to get married.

Today we’re sharing a wedding that exudes so much of that romance we felt. Emanuela and Mattia’s wedding features so much old world rustic charm & cinematic drama (thanks to Margherita Calati‘s photos) – you half expect to see George & Amal arriving in their own lake speedboat to the reception.

Speaking of cinema, you have to watch the gorgeous wedding film at the end – so beautiful!

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